Automatic voltage stabilizer

Power transformers are key components in power networks. Their availability and longevity have a major impact on grid reliability and profitability.

Power Transformers are used to “transform” voltage from one level to another, usually from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. They do this by applying the principle of magnetic induction between coils to convert voltage and/or current levels. Generally the higher voltage falls in the range of 11-22-33kV whereas lower voltage falls in 250 or 433V range. The frequency remains identical before and after the transformation of the current. Power transformers can be configured as either a single-phase primary configuration or a three-phase configuration.


  • Optimum efficiency
  • Proportioning of core and winding losses using lamination
  • Electrolyte Grade 99.9% pure copper
  • Transposition in L.V. coil for current sharing in parallel conductors
  • Low temperature rise
  • Low maintenance cost

These transformers are widely used in:

  • Suburban areas
  • Industries
  • Power supply authorities


Ratings Upto 5000 KVA
Applicable standards IS, IEC, BS etc.
Cooling ONAN, ONAF
Insulating fluid Mineral oil to specification
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Primary voltage 11Kv/ 22 Kv/ 33 kV
Secondary voltage 433 v
Winding material Copper
Taping On load tap changer, Off circuit tap changer
Impedance In line with applicable standards
Insulation Class ‘A’
Vector group DYN 11

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