Automatic voltage stabilizer

The limited operation of OLTC results in fluctuation of low / high voltage above the rated voltage on the LT side.The fluctuating voltage from Grid can be controlled by the H.T. Stabilizer and then fed to the distribution transformer,resulting in the constant H.T. stabilizer output within ± 1% accuracy. The advantages of this stabilizer are its robust design, lesser losses & more efficiency.

  • Step down Unit, double Wound Transformer
  • Buck-Boost Unit, double wound transformer
  • Stabilizer Unit, auto wound delta connected with self-rolling contacts capable of moving on the winding through Automatic/Motorized/Manual mechanism for regulation of the voltage at the output side
  • Electronic Control Unit


  • Energy saving between 5% to 10%.
  • High efficiency (above 98%) & minimum load losses.
  • On Load stepless voltage variation on H.T. Side.
  • Increase in the productivity by reducing the breakdown period of the machines.
  • Constant Voltage throughout the plant causing reduction in maintenance cost of the equipment.
  • Low replacement cost.
  • Long Service life.

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