Automatic voltage stabilizer

Automatic Voltage stabilizers are constructed by connecting the three pieces of high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizers with Y connection method. Tirupati Transformers & Electricals is the best Servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Delhi, offering high quality Automatic Voltage stabilizers at best price.
Suitable as safety isolating stabilizer in constructions where low weight, flexible
dimensions and optimum conditions between dimensions are preferable.
Automatic has the advantage of:

  • Wide input voltage range
  • High efficiency
  • With over (under) voltage
  • Over current protection function
  • High regulation accuracy
  • Short adjusting time
  • Same input and output voltage waveform, small volume, less weight.



  • Low leakage flux
  • Minimal hum noise
  • Light weight
  • Low stray field levels
  • High efficiency (Up to 99%)
  • Low temperature rise (65℃ Max)

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